2017 hasn’t even begun but already it looks like Cluj will reaffirm its position as one of the best cities for working in ICT. We have the names and even the dates of some interesting events that will take place next year. Check out our list of events below:

Creating an effective persistent ArrayList alternative

Let’s see how we could design for correcting many issues, by creating a data structure that has the same (or better!) space/time complexities than Java’s beloved ArrayList does, and by providing a real-world example where it would shine with its simplicity.

When & Where: January 11, 2017, Str Victor Deleu nr 1, et 3 Cluj-Napoca


MobOS Conference 2017

The 4th Edition of MobOS. The Biggest Conference on Mobile Technologies in Romania. The Mobile Operating Systems Community Romania is intended to build a community around the field of mobile software development. The community will be mainly build through virtual communications, but also with key points of interaction in form of dedicated events.

When & Where: February 17, 2017, str. Octavian Goga nr.1, 400698, Cluj-Napoca

More info: http://romobos.com/


Marketing 4 IT 2017 – Employer Branding & Product Marketing, Arts You Can Master

The only marketing conference dedicated to the IT companies from Romania.

When & Where: 23rd of February at Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca.

More info: http://mk4it.loopaa.ro/


Big Data Cluj

An evening of exciting talks from Data Science Industry leaders and experts, followed by enough time for few beers, pizza and networking.

When&Where: March 23rd , Undiclosed location

More info: http://dataconomy.com/event/big-data-cluj/


HR Summit

Ok, HR is not really IT, but as we all know the pressing problem all the big IT players are complaining about is the difficulty in finding the employees they need. With topics like “Software solutions for HR”, “Organizational culture” and “Talent Management” it seems like the event will be very interesting for IT people as well.

When & Where: March29-30, The Office, Cluj-Napoca

More info: https://cluj.hrsummit.ro/



As their own website states:

This years conference will address two big ideas that have followed Rob Lambert through his career.

The first that testing can indeed be a career. A positive a career. A career that can lead to great satisfaction, meaning and personal growth. Testing can be a career and not just a job. It is indeed possible to thrive in your career as a tester, both personally and professionally.

The second idea is that testing is changing rapidly and the test community is forever changing and evolving. A growing number of teams no longer have testers in them, testers are involved more than ever in the design and requirements stage of delivery, test automation is big business, testing in live is a very real and practiced activity, testers are switching roles to product roles such as Scrum Master and Product Owner and taking with them the testing mindset, and DevOps is still the next big thing. How can testers and testing thrive in this changing world?

The goal of the conference is to cover, address and ask questions about testers and testing and how we can thrive in a changing world.

When & Where: May 10-12, 2017, Grand Hotel Italia Hotel and Conference Center

More info: http://www.romaniatesting.ro/


OPEN INNOVATION 2.0 Conference 2017

Participate to learn more about the European Innovation Living labs; Innovation Ecosystems; OI2 funding opportunities under Horizon 2020; Online Engagement Platforms (Big Data, Cloud, IoT, participatory design) and other related topics. The event is following the success of the previous edition of the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference that took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

When and where: Not yet decided, probably mid-June 2017.

More info: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/open-innovation-20-conference-2017


TeCOMM – Ecommerce conference

Everybody has something to sell in today’s world right? These guys are proposing e Marketing and e Commerce strategies for the future. It’s not only about raw sales though. Topics might include Branding, Marketing, Innovation, Web Design, and Management.

When and where: Probably October 2017, Probably Grand Hotel Italia

More info: http://cluj.tecomm.ro/