Industrial energy audit


Benefits of energy audit – electrical energy or thermal energy or complex

The clear and realistic “Radiography” of both the way in which energy consumption is achieved, and of the consumption weights according to the production stages and auxiliary flows.
Because the central objective of an energy audit is to substantiate and quantify, through cost-benefit analysis, feasible solutions to increase energy efficiency.

Energocertif industrial
Energocertif industrial

Energy Auditing Energy Balance

  • Defining in agreement with the Beneficiary the Energy Contour to be analyzed, focusing on areas with potential for efficiency
  • Taking over and analyzing consumption and production data depending on the operation history.
  • Quantitative and qualitative measurements of electrical energy, thermal energy.
  • Calculations and preparation of the real energy balance.
  • Identifying the organizational solutions with immediate results.
  • Substantiation of optimization solutions, technically feasible.
  • Calculations and preparation of the optimized energy balance.
  • Economic analysis of proposed investments by specific financial indicators.
  • Drafting a plan of measures and actions, prioritized as feasible.
  • The presentation argued by the Beneficiary of the results obtained post-audit.
  • Your benefits after implementing the solutions proposed in the Audit:
  • Establishing an energy strategy in relation to the plans of development and increasing production in order to optimize the specific cost per unit of product in a sustainable manner.
  • Return on investment from the savings generated, ESCO
  • Monitoring and controlling power and technological processes.
  • Decreasing the degree of occupancy of the maintenance personnel, by reducing the corrective maintenance of installations.
  • Increasing the operational safety.

To whom we address:

Industrial companies holding subunits consuming more than 1,000 toe (tons of oil equivalent).

Companies with over 250 employees.

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