Energy audit

The energy audit of existing buildings represents the work of identifying the technical solutions for energy modernization (rehabilitation) of the building envelope and of the related installations in order to meet the performance requirements necessary for the issuance of an energy certificate.

Energocertif - Audit Energetic

The energy audit involves analyzing a construction from a technical and economical point of view and involves the proposal of certain technical and financial solutions to improve the energy performance of the building.
The purpose of the energy audit is to provide measures to improve energy performance and results in the issuing of an energy certificate for the analyzed phase. This Energy Certificate highlights the energy deficiencies of the building.
The Energy Auditor (energy consultant) is the natural person or company (energy consultancy office) authorized by a commission of attestation of specialists in the field appointed by MDRT for conducting energy surveys for buildings and for developing the Energy Certificate.
Following the energy expertise, the energy consultant will prepare an Energy Expertise Report for the building that will contain the main technical and energy characteristics of the building assessed and all data regarding the manner of determining the total annual consumption of heat for the heating system and hot water estimated for the assessed building. Work is done under a service contract concluded between the energy certificate applicant (beneficiary) and the energy consultant.