Energy certification

Why do you need an energy certificate?

  • • Starting with January 1, 2011 if you sell, rent or if you want to rehabilitate your housing from a thermal perspective, you will need its energy certification. The legal provision already applies to new buildings for which the acceptance has not yet been made by local authorities.
  • • In short, from the date mentioned above, the energy certificate in real estate transactions, in rental or sale transactions is MANDATORY!
Certificat Energetic
Certificat Energetic

Documents required for the Energy Certificate

For apartments:

  • Ownership documents;
  • Cadastre or architecture plans of the building;

For buildings:
From the technical book of the construction the following are required:

  • Building site plans; building structure plans; plans and description of installations in the building;
  • Technical data about construction materials used, technical data about equipment of heating, cooling and air conditioning, ventilation, hot water and cold water supplies installations, etc.

For consumption made by the building, for existing new and old buildings, the following are required:

  • Consumption of electricity per month for a minimum of one year;
  • Consumption of gas per month for a minimum of one year;
  • Consumption of cold water and hot water per month for a minimum of one year;
  • Consumption regarding sewage – waste per month for a minimum of one year.

For the consumption to be achieved by the new building that will be built the following are required:

  • What equipment and materials will be used in the installations from the building;
  • Description of electricity, gas, hot water, cold water supply and sewerage installations in the installations in the building (both information is provided in the plans from the building permit documentation and TP of construction under which the Building Permit for the building is received and the construction executed).

For more information about the documents needed for the energy certification process please visit our legislation section.

Stages of development of the Energy Certificate

An energy auditor will visit you for an evaluation of your building. This evaluation consists of:

  • filling in the evaluation sheet of the building;
  • pictures of the heating and water supply systems;
  • assessing the insulation system of the building;
  • measurement of the building envelope parameters;
  • evaluating various improvements of the building made by the owner;

Standard evaluation for a 2-bedroom apartment takes between 35-45 minutes, during which the auditor collects all the data needed to develop the energy performance certificate.

Certificat Energetic