Energy performance – buildings

How can I improve the energy performance of my building?

The main role of the Energy Certificate is to indicate whether or not a building needs improvements to become more “economical”. In other words, if it needs Thermal Rehabilitation and to what extent.

Moreover, any Certificate issued must contain “recommended action” – the most important part from the standpoint of the owner or future owner.

The lower the energy class of a building is, the sooner the works of thermal rehabilitation should take place and on a larger scale. The costs and benefits considering the general savings generated must always be taken into account.

As the increase in energy prices is a certainty, the efficiency of the rehabilitation work is growing.The most effective methods of improving the energy performance in terms of cost versus benefits would be:

  • Thermal insulation of external walls
  • Use of insulated windows
  • Thermal insulation of roof or terrace
  • Optimizing the interior lighting and using natural light as much as possible
  • Optimizing the hot water heating
  • Optimizing the heating and cooling system
  • The use of renewable resources as much as possible
Energocertif - performante energetice clădiri

There are also some methods that depend more on imagination rather than materials or construction works. Planting a tree barrier, per example, can increase the degree of wind protection during the winter and protect against the harsh sun during the summer. Collecting and using rainwater can reduce water costs.