Reabilitare termică

Through the national thermal rehabilitation program promoted by the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing, homeowners associations pay only 20% of the construction works. But before entering into this program you need an energy performance certificate to see what improvements should be made to the building and what costs they would entail.

An energy performance certificate attests how efficient a building is in terms of resource consumption. With this certificate, your building is positioned in a certain class of energy performance.

Energy performance classes represent an indicator that determines the capacity of a building to save energy. Basically, your building receives a “grade” from A to G (from lowest to highest energy consumption). Each class has a score from 1 to 100 behind, this being determined by several parameters. The main role of the Energy Performance Certificate is to indicate whether or not the building needs improvements to become more efficient in terms of energy consumption. In other words, this certificate tells you whether you should invest or how much to invest in Thermal Rehabilitation.

Thermal rehabilitation must be performed only after you have drawn an energy performance certificate. This certificate will include information about the state of your building and will provide information about the steps you should take to provide the optimal working conditions.

Also, the energy performance certificate will qualify your building in an energy performance class and, besides this, it will provide information on the energy class your building fits in after thermal rehabilitation.

So, you want to spend less money and make an investment without failing? Get an energy performance certificate for your building or for your home. You will receive all the information needed to save as much as possible!