I want to build

I want to build. What do I need to know in order to have a building with good efficiency?

Imposed building standards ar not only limited to architecture but also to the buildings economic efficiency and their carbon footprint.

Even from the design stage, a building’s energy consumption and the type of energy consumed must be considered. That’s why, for most cases, for the approval of the building design, the energy certificate is solicited by the authorities. The energy certificate is obligatory at the time the reception of the building is carried out.

Why is it important that a building is economically sound?

First of all because the price of conventional energy is not going to drop. Unconventional energy prices are also likely to stay high for the next ten years.

Secondly, to raise the building’s value. It’s easier to sell or rent a home that does not generate high exploitation costs.

Not lastly, in the future the laws will become more and more strict regarding this field. So, by building an economical building now, you are avoiding future investments that may be imposed by the law.

Energocertif bulb
energocertif green building

How much do you have to spend to ensure that your building is economical?

The truth is that the materials’efficiency is not directly proportional to their cost. A one meter thick wall is not twice as good as a 50 centimeter thick wall. The insulation type is very important, the materials used and, why not, also the buildings positioning and orientation.

Can I have a green home?

A green home entails a small impact on the environment regarding the construction process, the construction materials and the energy needed during the exploitation.

Nowadays buiding “green” is not very simple. It would mean using special materials, renewable energy or very cheap energy for the air conditioning, lighting and hot water production. A green house must also have a special architecture well thought out to make maximum use of the natural advantages of the plot it is built on.

Impossible to realize? Surely not, but we feel it’s more important to try to minimize the effects that the future building will cast over the environment and your personal budget.